07.09.2008 11:50 (local time)

We made it! Photo at point 660 on the west coast.

Having switched to a earlier flight out from kangerlussuaq, Greenland to Copenhagen, Denmark, we are now back in Norway. We’ve had our first night in a proper bed, we have fixed out the tangle from our hair and taken us a shower number two. Camilla has still some water-filled blisters on her hands after a chilly morning out with only tinn gloves, and Bjørg still have numb fingertips. We both have a "weather-beaten" face and went down a few kilograms, but otherwise in excellent shape. It is facinating to see that the body adapts to the environment and load, and in fact it was just getting stronger and stronger as the days went on.

We appriciate that so many have followed us on the trip and sent greetings along the way. It has given us inspiration to write about our experiences and challenged along the way. We have reached the goal that was to cross the inland ice and to come back with the desire for more trips together!

Camilla & Bjørg


Day24: Arrived on the west coast

05.09.2008 11:10 (local time)


Then we have finally reached our goal! After 14 hours and 20 km in very challenging terrain (where no sled belong…) We dumped in on the moraines at the Point 660 late last night. Tired, but in ecstasy to have made it thorough the glacier fall - and reached the final point.

There is no doubt that the last stage through the glacier was the most difficult overall To find a good route is one thing, but to get the pulkas aswell is an extra challenge. The sled had themself a hard time, twisting several times. Nevertheless, we made it with all the gear intact.

The tireing conditions made it extra extra special to get the earth under our feet again and set a proper "finale" for the trip. A worthy conclusion!

Today, we have slept long and made arrangement for transport down to Kangerlusuaq.

Bjørg and Camilla
Position: 67.15112, -50.04111 - 520 moh (Show map)
Last leg, day23 19.7km - Overall in 23days: 554.7km
(This distance is calculated from each camp’s position with no points in between, the actually walked distance is somewhat longer)

Caotic sledges Big formations


Day23: We made it!

05.09.2008 09:46 (local time)

We’ve posted an update through our sattellite phone. Use the player below to hear the message (in norwegian)

Camilla and Bjørg reports that they made it down to point 660 outside Kangerlussuaq yesterday evening.
A summary is provided in english:
"Then we are finally here, we’ve reached the west coast! We had a long day yesterday in the glacier fall, 12-13hours working through demanding terrain. We arrived late in the evening and made a good dinner before going to sleep. Now it is morning and the tent is placed not far from the height 660 itself, and we try to arrange a transport down to Kangerlussuaq later today. We are extremly happy to have completed the journey and are looking forward to some extra sleep and lacy days down in Kangerlussuaq  We will be back with further updates "

Day22: Update

03.09.2008 22:10 (local time)

There’s were we are going

Todays distance: 25 km
Today we’ve had challegeing terraing. Fortunately, we have been able to ski all the time (even if it’s not always feels natural on the the ice and in the water). Large parts of the day we crossed streches of melting water, about every 20-30 meters, but mostly small streams that are easy to cross and not to the deep. Our gaiters have largely held tight. We also passed a crevass area, but most of them was filled with compact snow. 

After 8t and 30 minutes on the legs, we set up the tent in between all ice formations. The coolest camp we’ve had in a long time, and perhaps the last on the inland ice for a while. . . If everything goes according to plan, we have soil under the feet tomorrow evening :-)  

Bjørg og Camilla
Posistion 67.12448, -49.59025 - 926 masl (Show map)
Todays : 24.7km - Overall since start: 535km
(based on automatic calculations, actuall walked distance is somewhat longer)

Camp 22 Melting water

Day22: “Live” from the ice

03.09.2008 13:35 (local time)

Vi have posted a sound message through our Sattellite phone. Use the player below to hear the message (in norwegian)

A translated quote from Camilla and Bjørg, 1335 local time:
"Live from meltwater-land, we have walked for 4 hours, about12km (?) and have passed a lot of melting water. Mostly small rivers which we have crossed by sliding over in great speed.  We contine and can fortunelately still use our skis, so the the pace is good, it also helps to get us better floating in the snow. Now it is lunch and we are going to enjoy a cup of coffee. We’re viewing out over a waste "bubly" area, it stretched as far as the eye can reach, so we are not going to be finished anytime soon…But we feel that this makes us stronger. The spirit is at the best and we look forward to continue further down!"
(You can hear a complete sound message in norweigan by using the player above)

Helge Nordahl have sendt some pictures about how they crossed the same glacier fall in 1995
A couple of images from the expedtion threemenwalking.com in 2007 might also be interesting, pictures here and here. It’s a demanding terrain!
The norwegian armed forces webpage, mil.no, made a publication about Camilla and Bjørg som days ago. You can read it here (in norwegian)
(added text from webmaster)


Day21: The terrain is changing

02.09.2008 21:45 (local time)


Formations on the ice

Yesterday’s distance 37 km, Today’s distance 33, 5 km.

We begin to understand that there is no much time left on this expedition trip. With roughly 42 km again we see that civilization is not far away. It’s good in a way, but also a little sa. We have planned this trip and had it in mind for almost a year, so it is strange when its no soon will be over. At the same time, we need a shower, and after, look forward to not have to put downtrouses each time we should go to the "toilet" in cold weather and, not the least to eat fresh food and normal bread!

We have begun the descend down the glacier to the 660 point, where we are picked up. So far, we’ve been lucky, the only water we have met so far, have been in the form of frozen rivers. However, it is good to see some formations in the ice again and to let the brain have some more decisions and calcialtions to work on
Camilla & Bjørg

Position: 67.13923, -49.02020 - 1205 masl (Show on map)
Todays distance: 30.8km - Overall: 510.3km  (automatic calculations, actually distance is somewhat longer)

Ice and snow




Day20: Suncream saved the day despite of fog and rain

01.09.2008 22:05 (local time)

In the forenoon today we got really sticky snow condition. We had to utilize high knee-lifts and had a terrible low speed for a consierable amout of time, so we descided to take an early luch break and figure something out. We did not want to remove the short skins under our skis, as thoose are permanently monted for this trip. Thats when we come about to use the sun cream trick. After applying a good layer of sun cream, the skis went really good the rest of the day.

We really feel the lower grounds. In the last few days the morning temperature have been at minus 15 to minus17 degrees, while today around zero degrees. We therefore no longer have to scrape the tent’s inside of ice-crystals before we start the primus in the morning. We have in fact switched on using a spoon and a box for this project the last mornings.

The terrain around us is shifting and we are eager to see what the next brings.

Ref picture: The skiboots keep us warm with and additional glove (from the army) as an extra layer between the shoes and gaiter.
Bjørg and Camilla

Position 67.00459, -48.39900 - 1462 masl (Show map)
Todays distance: 36.8km - Overall since start: 479.5km (automatic calculation)


Day19: “the day of eating and swimming pool”

31.08.2008 21:26 (local time)

Putting up the tent

Today 33, 6 km 17 C degrees below zero, sunny and clear sky. Light breeze.

After having tried to persuade Camilla that we should eat up as much as possible of our extra meals early in the trip, in order to avoid unnecessary weight, I finally succeeded after weeks. And what a time! We have lived like kings up here, almost not a meal without both the appetizer and dessert. We have eaten podrrige with a lot of sugar, more than we’ve ever had before, we’ve eaten marzipan, chocolate, undredals-cheese, tuna and garlic (!), As we have had soda-powder drinks, "soup in the cup", coffee and cocoa. . . We have eaten us down in our food storage box, filled in, only to eat even more. There has been a joy! But then comes the exciting; will we be completely empty in the end? Maybe I have to bite me in my own argument that "we have to be a little hungry and tired when we come to the end…"?

Otherwise, we are eager to see the melting water streams that soon will turn out. There are romours about deep blue "swimming pools" that we have to cross. And a very important issue in the end;  thank you very much for all of thoose greetings and updates - it’s really the evenings highlight!
Camilla and Bjørg

Position: 66.83627, -47.67110 - 1702 masl (Show map)
Today: 33.4km - Overall: 442.7km
Camilla needs additional sun cream Bjørg in the tent

Day18: Tailwind

30.08.2008 22:19 (local time)

Today: 37,5 km

After a good night of sleep and  porridge for breakfast, we left the camp close to DYE2. We have had tailwind all day and could  well deserved put up our tent for the night after nearly 38km. Now, howeverm we are both tired so this message is not getting to long. We will be back with more tomorrow evening.
Position: 66.69510, -46.99832 - 1888 masl (Show map)
Today: 37.3km - Overall: 409.3km

Day17: DYE 2

29.08.2008 22:19 (local time)

Chilly in the morning

 Todays distance 29 km. 17 centigrades below zero and overcast.

Then we’ve finaly reach a milstone on this trip, DYE2m an old american radars station. It has been left as it was and it has clear signs of rush when closing down. Food is stiil in the cantine, the offices are full of papers and archives, and the worm schedules is still on the walls. A pretty interesting sight up here on the platoue.

During our time on the ice we have tried to describe how the days develop to give our readers an insight into our experiences. With a nature setting like this, the strong adjective words come to use often. Then it is a triviera for ut to report things like Bjørg puking after eating a rotten "malt-block" (editors note: some kind of candy),  that our ski-shoes is deep frozen in the morning and has to be forced on to the foot in 17 centigrades below zero, that it is a sticking sensations on ones backside during the first go to the "restroom", that our lipes is a bit painfull, or that the wakening clock rings at 0530 every morning. Thoose things we seem not to remember when we summarize the day in the evening, but one thing is for sure, expedition-life is not a walk in the park. 

Bjørg og Camilla
Position: 66.49718, -46.31598 - 2105 masl (Show map)
Last day: 28.7km - Overall: 372km







Day16: Sausages and oranges - missing!

28.08.2008 21:31 (local time)


Today: 32, 5 km

What a lovely day! Woke up to 14C degrees below zero and freezing smoke outside the tent. As the sun came higher on the sky, it heated quite well, and we had to put of a lot of clothes. We have skiied with only thin wool shirts and throuses with full ventialtion during the whole day. The camp was set up at half past seven. The "charming leg" of today was another highlight: The sun comming in right ahead, rising frost-fog bluring out the horizon and snow crystals shining in all the rainbow’s colours. And ous then, in the center of it all. Amazing! Greetings from to small humans with a great adventure.

Position: 66.41723, -45.70166 - (Show map)
Today: 32.4km - Overall: 343.3km



Day15: Heading towards lower ground!

27.08.2008 21:28 (local time)

Todays walk 32, 4 km, 8 C below zero, sunny, clear sky and no wind

Imagine that you are on top of a large, round dining table covered with grandmother’s white crochet table-cloth. On the walls there is a light blue-coloured wallpaper with some kind of diffuse white clouds that goes into one with the ceiling. You are a very small man and becomes very tiny on the big table. To come down off the table, you start to go. The problem is only that no matter how far you go, it seems like you get no where, the table seems endless. Therefore, you begin to count the steps, in order to have something to measure against. That’s exactly what we do - kilometre counts. We can not see that we come any further, the horizon seems only larger and larger, but we know that we have moved us. We have now been on tour for 15 days and is undoubtedly here for a few more days. We feel comfortable with living the camping lifestule, feel comfortable with the long days walking on skis, and thrive also by the descent who are starting to be feelable. It is only a few tens- or hundreds meters downhill during one days, but hey, that something we really take note of!  Incidentally, we have found the solution to our whisky-problem. We now serve it with three spoons cacao-powder mixed with hot water. This works in spite of our sore lips, marked by a lot of wind and weather.

Camilla og Bjørg
Position: 66.37679, -44.98136 - 2344 masl (Show map)
Today: 32.2km - Overall: 310.9km 

Day14: Rushing along…

26.08.2008 19:49 (local time)


Today’s distance: 31 km
We woke up In the morning at 0530, which is normal, then left at 0730. New Record! The day started in complete whiteout, which is a pretty interesting experience on the body, especially for the one skiing In front. We must rely entirely on the compass, even if the body often will go in a different direction. During the lunch it cleared and we’ve had a good day with allmost tailwind. In addition comes the fact that it now starts to go down, we’ve passed the highest point. It is a psychological journey up! Food is of course high on our mind during such a trip. If we’re going to really enjoy us, we take a bit of goat cheese from Undredal, Norway. It melts on the tongue :-) Otherwise, Bjørg has started to prepare a proper pasta and ham dinner, that is not the normal drytech this evening.
Camilla greets to Pål, Torgeir, Odd Arild and Njord that she paddled with on western part of Greenland earlier this summer: - Miss the comfort in the "Femund Family" tent!

Bjørg and Camilla

Position: 66.32504N, -44.27007W - 2423 masl (Show map)
Today: 31km - Overall 278.7km

Day13: The weather gods are on our side

25.08.2008 21:51 (local time)

Camilla is happy about the nice weather

Distance 30, 4 km

Minus 14 centigrades, sunny and no wind

After a lot of days with strong winds and low visibility, we got the journey’s best weather today Cold, dry air, clear sky and almost not a breathe of wind. So wonderfull! The wind blown sastrugies was gone and we had good, hard snow the whole day. Its a good feeling to be moving again.

We’re closing in on DYE2, from 281km earlier to about 124km now. Tomorrow we will pass the highest point around 2500 masl - offcourse that has to be celebrated in the tent during the evening!

Other news: Camila might have to share her sleeping bag with one of her skis, as it is stuch on with the boot because of the cold weather.

Camilla og Bjřrg

To you Thorstein; hope the “hamstering operatation” went well?!

Position: 66.32427, -43.57508 - 2494 masl (Show map)
Today: 30.3km - Overall: 247.7km

Day12: Bad weather

24.08.2008 19:33 (local time)


12 dayes with a thick cap does something to your hair

This night we got payback for securing the tent ordently and for building a big snowall. The wind was indeed strong and it was quite exiting to when the wind really shaked the tent in the early morning.

When we got up this morning it had calmed down a bit, but we still meassured up to 13m/s, near gale wind. This mean that the wind is even stronger in periodes. It is very hard to move towards such wind-force when the visibility is zero aswell, and desided to stay in our camp. The last days have brought a lot of headwind, but we hope this will change over the next days. Anyway, we have had plenty to do, caught up with some extra (needed) sleep, dried clothes, repaired equipment, read a book and made a chocklate mousse (!). We’ve essentially enjoyed the tent-lifes joyes. What we did not get in to was fixing our hair.  Tomorrow we hope the wind has calmed and that we rush towards the west coast.

Camilla og Bjørg
Position: 66.25995, -42.91591 - 2384 meters above sea level
Distance last day: 0km -  Overall 217.4km

Day11: With the wind blowing through the hair. . .

23.08.2008 12:10 (local time)


After a night with little sleep, we got on our skis slightly later than usual. In the course of the night it was blowing up gale force (15-18 m/s) wind which interupted our sleep. When the wind did not calm down considerably after lunch today, we decided to put the camp for the night.

We’ve used the extra time for some long due, but small, repairs and reading through emails. Now the wind is shaking our tent quite a bit, currently at 11 m/s (webmasters note: might be a typing error here, could mean stronger wind than stated)

We have enjoyed reading all thoose greetings that has come to our website. Thanks to you all! It’s fun to read. It is encouraging words’s, especially on days like this.
In particular, thanks to you, Ragnar, for all the help. And to you, Helene: yes send us more updates!
Bjørg og Camilla

Position: 66.25996N, -42.91574W - 2380 meters above sea level (Show map)
Todays distance: 10.6km - Overall: 217.4km (calculated based on positions reports)

In need of repair! 


Day10: Whiskey and the “wish concert”

22.08.2008 22:00 (local time)

Drying our sleeping bags in the morning

Todays leg: 24,6 km

We have now introduced what we like to call for "the wish concert". In other words, an hour with the ipod on the ear before lunch every day. It goes in norwegian hits, rock-music and  for Camillas part, the norwegian group "the Lillos". Amazing how fast an hour can suddenly pass!

And when we’re in this with names; last stage every day is called "the charming leg". Not because there’s so many cheering along our path, but because the sun’s is stright ahead, the snow is blowing on the ground and the "road" to the big tent is getting shorter.

Otherwise, we should celebrate that it was the tenth night in tent. We put up the little whiskey bottle that we had saved well and took our first greedy gulp. But ai! As it did hurt on our lip and tung! Think there has been a little too much sun and cool breeze on them lately. . . We’ve put the whiskey bottle gently back

Camilla og Bjørg

Position: 66.22501N, -42.69463W - 2340 meters above sea level (Show map)
Todays distance: 24.5km - Overall since start 206.8km (automatically calculated based on position reports)

"the charming leg" 

Day9: White out

21.08.2008 20:12 (local time)

White out, snow, wind from the north, freezing temperatures, sunny, blue sky, mild temperatures ,wind from western direction and finally, snow and white out again. . . Everything in one day! As said, the weather changes quickly here.

Now we are in the tent, waiting for our food to get ready. Soon we crawl inside our sleeping bags and "call it a day".
Camilla og Bjørg

Position: 66.19652, -42.15370 - 2248 meters above sea level (Show map)
Todays leg: 27.4km - Overall distance walked since start: 182.3km

Day8: Another nice day on the plateau

20.08.2008 19:12 (local time)


Today’s distance 26 km.
Sunny, but the cold wind from the north, 8-9m / s. Today we have gone 9 sessions each 60 minutes, with 10 min pause between and an hour lunch in the middle of the day. We enjoyed the lunch sitting on the pulkas with a "Jerven" windproof cover over us.

There is not much to fix my eyes on her. It is largely in white and shades of blue. Nevertheless, it gives rise to many thoughts and reflections. A thought often disappear just as quickly as it came with the wind. But thats ok :-) We feel grateful to get the experience in this majestic landscape that makes us feel like small mosquitos. It puts perspective on life.

Bjørg and Camilla

Position: 66.12440, -41.57022 - 2083 meters above sea level (Show map)

Todays distance: 25.9km - Overall since start: 154.9km

Other expeditions

20.08.2008 11:00 (local time)

When Nansen crossed the ice for the first time a 120 years ago, his team was completely alone on the ice. Today, it is usually several groups doing crossing in the spring and autoum, the times when such trips is possible. Nevertheless, the ice is so great that it’s not so often that the expeditions meet eachother. If you look away from the fact that one has gotbetter equipment and navigation aid (GPS), the trip is over wast inland ice-sheet is similar to that in the Nansen time.

As of today we know abouit 6 different groups spread out over the southeren part of Greenlan doing expeditions. We have compiled a map and gathered some information about these.
Read more…

Day7: Lovely day!

19.08.2008 19:28 (local time)

Todays leg 25 km. Yesterdays leg 29,2 km.

A couple of degrees celcius, a light breeze and the sun is shining. After some treatment of blisters on our heels, which included putting on Compeed ("extra skin"), our feet felt much better this morning.  We took it anyway calm in order to avoid problems, and found a pace that was just fine. We’re enjoying being on this trip here in Greenland and were really exited in the wonderful weather. It’s the best day so far! Now it’s selfdried meat with garlic and other tasty elements which is due for dinner
Camilla & Bjørg

Position: 66.07616, -41.00710 - 1945 meters above sea level (Show map)
Todays distance: 25km - Overall distance: 129km



Day6: On the way

18.08.2008 15:29 (local time)


Today’s session is not finished yet, but we are interupting with a little update. We have set the course stright toward DYE2, an abondened radarstation 281 km from here. It will be a little while until we get there. . . The conditions are good. 11 degrees and calm. Cloudy, but nice weather conditions.

Our heels are beginning to get a litte bit tender, but otherwise we’re in excellent shape.

Camilla greets her old working colleagues at the "Center for Physical Training".

Camilla & Bjørg

Day5: Both snowy and sunny weather

17.08.2008 20:50 (local time)

Todays leg: 25 km

The weather shifts quickly here, thats something we have learned. Yesterday, we started in good impetus on a hard snowfcover, but ended up with wind, 10 cm powder / sleet, no visibility and sticky snow. . . In the morning we were woken to the strong winds, so we started the first bit just around noon. We had snow, white out and mild temperatures until the afternoon, when the cloud cover suddenly cracked open and the sun came thorugh. Wonderfull! A majestic view. The mountains to the east was suddenly gone, and around us we saw absolutely nothing but the flat white icesheet. . . Crazy!

Now it’s eveningt, tomorrow morning we have an interview with the norwegian news paer "Bergens Tidende" by telephone, which can be exciting. . . Camilla greets her mom, dad, Maria and Thomas. And to Ingunn: Good trip to you!
Camilla & Bjørg

Position: 65.94972, -39.85147 - 1497 meters above sea level (Show map)
Todays leg: 24.9km - Total distance since start: 74.8km



Day4: 24km and white horizon

16.08.2008 21:55 (local time)

The team have posted an audio update though they’re satellite phone. User the player to hear the message (in norwegian)

A text summary in english is provided below:
Bjørg reports:
"We’re sending a small update from the tent. The time is now 2150 (local time), and me and Camilla sits in the tent enjoying the evening. We’ve gone 24km today and is quite happy with that. We had very good skiing conditions (hard snow) at the start of the day, but later had much more snow, it was about 10cm with wet, sticky snow. It has been reported to be somewhat better weather for tomorrow, a little less wind than today, we have had the 8 meter-per - second, roughly. Shall still get some rain, but right now it looks very nice. Otherwise we are past the crevasse areas, it looks good, white horizon ahead of us, thats whats is waiting forus us. Camilla sends greeting. That was all for now… so long! "

Todays distance: approx 24km, overall distance apporx 49.9km
Posistion camp 4: -39.31019W, 65.91410N, 1434 meters above sea level

Bjørg and Camilla reports at 0620 17.August (local time):
We have experienced strong wind during the night. Currently postponed departure
A new update will be sent tonight


Day3: 1000 meters above sea level

15.08.2008 20:09 (local time)

Today’s distance: 13, 5 km, the weather: 8 degrees C at 1300, cloudy and sunny, wind 5-8 m / s. Then we are online again with fully charged batteries. Todays camp is located at 1030 meters above sea level.  Today’s stage was 13, 5 km, something that we are happy about. We have generally tackled us through a bumpy terrain with a lot of cracks and crevasses. It is fascinating to see how the glacier had created these formations. Now we have passed over the worst area, and was able to put on our skis at the end of the day.

Yesterday, we really got  tested. As Bjørg were to pass over an ice-bridge,  both pulkas scramled down towards the crevasse. They stopped only when the rearmost, with all our skiing equipment, hang freely, vertically in the crevasse, while the other tilted on the edge. It succeeded us, after much rigging with rope and glacier equiment, to get them up to the end. We could breathe easily again. . . On this day it is 120 years ago since Nansen started the first ever crossing of the Greenland ice, and we will celebrate with a little baylies!
Camilla and Bjørg

Position: 65.81208, -38.94976 - 1030 metres above sea level (Show map)
Today’s distance: 13.5km - Yeasterday approx: 8.7km. The total since the start: 25.9km

Camp 3

Day2/3: Message from the team

15.08.2008 07:25 (local time)

Bjørg reports today at 0725 (1125 norwegian time)  using they’re Iridium sattelite phone. Everything is working ok and the progress is as planned. They were just about to start out today from camp this morning when they made the call.  At the moment they are at about 600 meters above sea level. Here there are a somewhat more flat arear, before it is gradually rising to about 1000 meters above sea level. There are som crevasses in the glaciers, also some small "depressions" in the ice, making them go "up and down" a bit. Bjørg reports about some more wind today, about 10m/s, but nice weather. The update yeaterday had to be postponed due to low battery on they’re PDA. It was difficulat charging it with the solar panel because of the pulkas flipping around in the ice, and there was overcast during the evening. A new update might be expected this evening, if they get to charge up the battery during the day.

Yesterdays leg (day2): about  8.7km. Overall from start: 12.4km

A small update

14.08.2008 20:15 (local time)

The Norwegian armed forces’ webpages, mil.no, just published a feature article about Camilla and Bjørg. 
  Go to the article on mil.no (Norwegian) or read an translated version (english)
Weather reports for east-greenland is tomorrow Friday: Partly cloudy, nice weather, risk of fog. Somewhat calm winds, up to breeze 10 m/s from the northwest. More cloudy in the afternoon and evening, chance of some rain. Saturday, rain. More wind, 10-15m/s.
Sunday through Tuesday nice weather, calm wind.
Please feel free towrite a message in the guest book. Messages will be routed to they’re PDA so that Bjørg and Camilla can read these every night.

Day1: The first day on the ice

13.08.2008 22:40 (local time)

What a day! We have finally started on our long planned expedition. In nice weather we sailed out of Tasiilaq towards the starting point. During the two hours of the boat transport we saw countless, magnificent icebergs, many seals and even a large whale! In the evening we arrived at the glacier front, close to Nagtivit. We were both feeling extremly happy to be here. The conditions are looking good for now and the ice is not too frightning. We look forward to a real session tomorrow heading up the wast inland ice. We send our greetings to the crew of "Jotun Arctic" - thanks for the great evening! And at last, but not least, thanks to Dina and his cousin for the boat trip! It is not something we will forget anytime soon. . .
Bjørg & Camilla

Position: -38.73755, 65.63232 - (Show map)
Todays distance: 3.7km - Total since start: 3.7km

Arriving at the glacier During the fjord crossing

Sunny in Tasiilaq

12.08.2008 15:55 (local time)


Camilla reports:
We arived Tasiilaq in East Greenland yesterday morning. During our stay here we have bought the last provisions, packed our equipment and got to know this litte town. It was a goog feeling to locate our pulkas in a container after arriving with a ship a month ago. We are now staying at Robert Christensen, whom runs the "Clubverl" guesthouse, something which is superb. Yesterday there where also time for a boat trip on the fjord. The weather is clear and nice and the view towards the Polheims-mountainpeak is really majestic. We are eager to get going and have decieded to push forward the expedition start, so we will begin our journey tomorrow. The weather forcast tells about chance of some rain, but otherwise clear and nice. This evening we are invited to a dinner party by some norwegian sailors in the harbour. We look forward to see the inland-ice and taking our first steps tomorrow .



In Greenland

11.08.2008 20:00 (local time)

Camilla and Bjørg arrived today in Tasiilaq, East Greenland. The day startet in Reykjavik, Iceland, where they around noon boarded a flight headed for Kulusuk, Greenland. From the airport in Kulusuk, they flew by helicopter to the main settlement on the East cost, Tasiilaq. Here the last preparations for the trips is due before they head out on wednesday or thursday. Camilla and Bjørg reports about nice weather and a good view to the fjord and mountains!

The Norwegian news paper  "Sør-Trøndelag" has an article about the two explorers today :
http://www.avisa-st.no/arkiv/orkdal/article1131711.ece (an automated translation to english available)

You can catch up with the mood and weather in Tasiilaq through two webcams:
View from a house near the fjord  
Shows the school, the main supermarket (!) and some of the town. Also a view towards the fjord (every 30 min.)
View from the hotel Polheims-mountain and the fjord (2-4 times a day)

DMI (Danske Metrologiske Institutt) (automatic translation to english)
Weather Underground (Tasiilaq)   Weather Underground (Kangerlussuaq)
Yr.no (Tasiilaq)  Yr.no (Kangerlussuaq)
Forcast and webcam from "Summit camp", a science station on the inland ice (north of Camilla and Bjørgs route)

First meeting on Iceland

11.08.2008 08:23 (local time)
After a month of holiday, we are back in "trip-mode". Camilla after a fantastic kajak adventure on south-east Greenland and Bjørg after climbs and holidays in the alps. This weekend have been used for planning and packing, Bjørg arrived with a little over 35Kg of the last equipment from Norway.  In addition, we saw the Gay Priade in Reykjavik - a lot of show!

By chance we meet some sailors from a the sail paper "Seilmagasinet", whom Camilla just shortly before had meet while padling on Greenland. We went together to the Blue Lagoon and some final remnants of heat bath and a good shower. Now the journey continues to Grönland and final preparations before departure.

Thank you for your nice days in Iceland! Greetings to Joacim, Elise, Lars Kristian, Andreas, Karen, Tor Michael (thanks for taking our bag back home!), Karoline, and Thomas. Check out: www.prosjektrx2.no

Greetings to Helene who had birthday yesterday!

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